Years from now what will people remember from your PARTY???

  • the food?
  • the flower arrangements?
  • how the room was decorated?

Most likely… none of the above. Your guests probably won’t remember ANY of those things! What they WILL recall is how much (or how little) FUN they had. So what’s the key to making YOUR special event FUN and MEMORABLE?…

High-quality, professional entertainment!High-quality, professional entertainment!

The quality of the entertainment you provide will largely determine the success of your affair. Great Entertainment can make a ballroom or hall look grander… make flowers look fresher and prettier… and even make food taste better! Why? Because Great Entertainment makes your guests have more FUN. And everything seems better when you’re having fun!


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You name it… we’ll play it Although Dr. Schem’s Music Machine has a huge music library that covers the most popular music all the way back to the 1900s, it’s possible we might be missing some of your personal favorites. As an added service,we’ll go out and acquire a few of those at no additional cost to you, as long as we get your special request list at least 2 weeks in advance of your event.